Confirmation II Schedule


Dear Parents/Guardians of Confirmation II Students,

We are grateful for a smooth and fruitful first half of the program for our Confirmation II students

As 2022 is fast approaching, please make the following dates a priority as they are all required attendance as part of the Confirmation II program

Class and Event Schedule for 2022

Class: Sunday, January 9th, Class Time 8:45am-10:20am, and 10:30am Mass (Saint Name and Sponsor are due by the first class in 2022)

Saint Walk Project: Sunday, February 6th (Snow Date, February 13th).

 If there is a snow storm and the Saint Walk is moved from February 6th to February 13th, during a scheduled class time, a 30 minute video lesson will be sent out to the students with one question to be submitted via email after watching the video. Journaling assignment for that month will be continued as usual.

For the Saint Walk Project, the students have to arrive at the church hall by 9am to set up their Saint Projects. The parish community will be coming to the church hall to look at your projects and have short conversations after the 8:30am Mass and the 10:30am Mass. The students will be dismissed at 12:15pm.

Class: Sunday, February 13th, Class Time 8:45am-10:20am, and 10:30am Mass

Class: Sunday, March 13th, Class Time 8:45am-10:20am, and 10:30am Mass

Class: Sunday, April 3d, Class Time 8:45am-10:20am, and 10:30am Mass (Last Class // Journals have to be submitted and Community Service Hours Have to be Completed - 15 hours)

Student Interviews: Week 1 April 4-8; Week 2 April18-21 (journals will be returned)

An email will be sent out in advance to sign up for a specific date and time. Each student will go through a 15 minute interview with Father Anthony

Retreat: April 30th // Morning & Afternoon (approximately 6 hours with a lunch break)

Our retreat will take place in Lourdes in Litchfield!

Mass Schedule

Weekend Masses
Saturday Vigil, 4:00 PM;
Sunday, 8:30 & 10:30 AM
Daily Mass
Monday-Wednesday; 8:00 AM Chapel

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday, 3:00-3:30 PM

Parish Livestream

Our Parish Facebook page “Keep the Faith” will live stream Mass
from our church at 10:30 am on Sunday

Parish Livestream