Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


I would like to extend an invitation to the men in our parish to attend the 2021 CT Catholic Men’s Conference next Saturday, September 25, at New Britain Stadium.   Featured speakers are Fr Donald Calloway, Dr. Ralph Martin, Gary Zimak & Dr. Blythe Kaufman. Fr. Elias Mills will be the homilist at the Mass celebrated by Archbishop Blair.

You might be thinking, ‘I just don’t want to give up my Saturday for an event I’m not sure I want to attend.’ Let me assure you, you will not regret taking this one day to spend reflecting on your faith, your life and where God is leading you. This conference calls you to take a chance and get out of your comfort zone. When you do, the door may open up to new possibilities. You can feel renewed in your faith and in your relationships with your family. And you just may find a whole new perspective in your personal life through a deeper relationship with Christ.   This time with our Lord will call you to reflect upon your life and your faith, examine your conscience, and free yourself from the burdens you may not even know you are carrying. You will have an opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, attend the Vigil Mass and hear some inspiring talks on different parts of our faith.

Our Catholic faith has so much to offer and most of us only tap into a very small part. There is so much more to experience, to know and to receive. Your life is meant to be lived fully and with peace and joy.  We can sometimes go through life stuck in habits and ways of thinking that take the joy of truly living away. Christ comes to give us the fullness of life and we need to stop in our normal routine, turn to Christ and give him our attention.

Take a chance and come experience something new in your faith journey.  Come to the Ct Catholic Men’s Conference and relax, listen, pray, reflect and find where Christ may be leading you.

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