Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


Seek rest! That is the message in the Gospel today. When the apostles returned from their missionary journey they were, no doubt, exhausted. Jesus bids them to come away to a deserted place for rest. Jesus knew the importance of stepping outside of our daily routine and allowing ourselves to recuperate. Any exertion on our bodies requires time to rest and this includes the mind. We need a respite from the constant pressures of life and the worries that come from our jobs both inside and outside the home. When our minds become exhausted we may lose our enthusiasm and energy for all that we are called to do in our life.

Rest requires shutting out and shutting off for a time. Jesus said to his Apostles, ““Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” That deserted place does not have to be a remote location, but a place where we can escape the pressures of our daily routine. That deserted place means getting away from those things that can bring you back into our work mode. Rest requires putting aside your smart phone, your laptop, your IPad and whatever means you have to stay connected to your work.

What is rest meant to do?
1) Give your physical body time to heal. A Major League Pitcher is required to put every ounce of power and force into each pitch. After one game they need to rest their arm for three days. Our daily routine often exhausts all our energy. Like the pitcher we need to rest the body and let it heal.
2) Give your mind a break. When our thought process can’t seem to be shut off from our daily responsibilities then we know we need break. When our minds are exhausted, our psychological well-being is at risk and this, in turn can, can lead to physical exhaustion. The mind needs a break. A deserted place is found when we can clear our minds of the details that consume our thoughts and allow ourselves to view the bigger picture in our life. Rest allows us to reflect upon where we have come so far and where we are going.
3) Rest gives us time to listen to our Lord speak to us. When we shut out the frenetic pace of the world for a while we can open ourselves up to listen for God’s call. There is a peace in coming to rest in our Lord. That peace will allow us to reenergize ourselves and continue fulfilling the vocation to which we have been called with enthusiasm.

So my friends, please listen to Jesus when he says “come away…and rest awhile.”

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