Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


Before I came to St John the Evangelist Parish I was the Vocation Director for the Archdiocese for two years. I had the opportunity to accompany men of different ages and backgrounds on their journey of discernment and formation to the priesthood. The culmination of that journey for most of the men was ordination to the diaconate and eventually to the priesthood. For some the culmination was the decision to leave formation and pursue another vocation path. Either way these men were seeking the Will of God in their lives.

The challenge in this discernment process is recognizing the signs of God’s Will and placing Trust in His Will. Part of recognizing God’s plan in my discernment was listening to the people of God and the encouragement of parishioners, family and friends. They became an integral part in my path to ordination.

Today the number of young people pursuing a vocation to the priesthood and consecrated life is vastly smaller than decades ago. We live in a culture where the call to serve in the Church can so often be muffled and even drowned out by the noise of the world. The lures of a secular culture, and the lack of support for someone seeking a vocation has caused a steady decline in vocations. I used to hear often about the ‘vocation crisis’ in our world today. My response was, we don’t have a vocation crisis per se, but a crisis in hearing the call to the priesthood and consecrated life. Helping young people hear the call is essential to the strength of vocations in our Church.

This is where you and I play a significant part in helping provide shepherds in our Church for the future. We can so often be the voice of God calling and encouraging our brothers and sisters to consider discerning a call. By our example, our adherence to the practices of our faith, our devotions and by our prayers we can help overcome the obstacles that prevent a person from considering a vocation in the Church. A witness to the faith is a powerful draw and incentive for a person to consider a vocation. On this Good Shepherd Sunday I ask that you pray for vocations in the Church, support someone who may shows signs of a vocation and encourage others to seek this path by telling the story of your faith journey and the essential role of those serving in the Church have played in your life.

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