Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


Last week I took a few days off as I normally do this time of year. This year, with travel restrictions, I took the opportunity to stay home and organize my Stuff. As I was going through all my belongings I realized ‘I have a lot of stuff’. Stuff that has been sitting around in boxes; lots of memorabilia, books, letters, tools and clothing. It took hours to go through my belongings and after several trips to the dumpster I was able to condense my ‘Stuff’ significantly. The feeling of lightning the load is liberating and even though I did not have a chance to travel for my vacation I feel that this week was productive and even restful.

Over the years we accumulate a great deal of ‘Stuff’ in our lives and every now and then, we need to stop and start to unload. In our material driven world, we buy lots of ‘stuff’, and we become attached to our material possessions. We are always looking for something more, something new. Unloading means evaluating what we truly need and getting rid of what we don’t. Unloading also means being a bit more frugal and detached from things as we go forward.

Over time we also collect a great deal of ‘stuff’ that weighs on our mind and on our heart. We can be weighed down by worry, anxiety, guilt, resentment, anger and envy in our lives and the load becomes burdensome. Unloading all that burdens our lives is a liberating feeling and this is essential in our spiritual life. In the Gospel of John 10:10 Jesus says, ‘I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.’ Christ truly comes to give us an abundant life and when we hold on to all that other stuff we may miss Christ’s presence, His love and his mercy in our lives. Perhaps in these winter months it is a good time to lighten our load a bit and get rid of stuff that weighs us down. Give your burdens to our lord in prayer, unload guilt and sins in the sacrament of Reconciliation and be present to our lord in the Eucharist as he is present to you. Finally, pray for the ability to forgive and let go. Take the time to focus on Christ and find what truly fulfills all your wants and needs.

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