Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


The account of Jesus calling forth his disciples raises an obvious question. Why was there no hesitation in, Simon, Andrew, James and John when Jesus calls? There is no inquiry and no questions asked. No one responded, ‘wait, let me finish my work then I’ll follow you.’ No, they all simply dropped their nets and embarked on a completely new path in their life. What was it about this call that drew them to leave everything and journey with a man they just met? Perhaps Jesus simply recognized what these disciples already knew deep in their heart. Perhaps Jesus just removed the veil that kept hidden their true desire in life. The invitation was all that was needed to confirm their vocation and answering that call was simple. The call was simply a fulfillment of what was planted in their very soul by God.

We share a similar call. Deep within all of us there is a desire to answer that call to follow Christ. Even today some recognize that inner desire and have no hesitation in answering the call to a deeper faith. Many of us may have some hesitation. We may not answer that call with the same determination and certitude. The second question we can ask is; ‘Why not?

Perhaps there are two factors that can keep that veil over the true desire that lies within. One is distractions. Our world is just filled with distractions. Some are distractions of responsibility, some are distractions of worry and some are distractions of the appetites, desire for money, power and material things. The four men in the Gospel were simply doing their job as fisherman. Their life was simple and in that simplicity they could easily focus on what Jesus was offering. Our distractions are difficult to put aside in most cases, but when we can move to simplify our lives we can focus on less things with more intention. Specifically we can focus on Christ and hear his call to follow him.

The second factor is fear. Fear is so often an obstacle in anything new path to which we may be called. Even the Blessed Virgin had a moment of hesitation when the angel Gabriel appeared to her at the Annunciation. But when Mary put aside her fear the call was clear. ‘Do not be afraid’ said the angel. When our hearts are stirred with the call to go deeper in our relationship with Christ recall those words of the Angel Gabriel that are repeated throughout the Gospels. ‘Do not be afraid’.

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