Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


The disturbing violence on the Capitol steps and under the Rotunda, that ensued a protest rally, must not determine our destiny or define our character as a free country that is governed by just laws and the rule of order. The world looks to our country as the model of civility when it comes to transfer of governance. Our founding fathers gave us the gift of the Constitution that has always facilitated this peaceful transfer. We must protect the integrity of our democracy that allows for dissent and differing opinions expressed by persuasive words and debate, not by violence. In the end the rule of just laws must determine our civil destiny. In this time of strife we must appeal to God for His wisdom and to seek His Will. We seek the intercession of the patron saint of our country, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, to pray for our common cause and help us see the Will of God even through the murky waters of turbulence. Let us pray for justice and peace for all.

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