Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


We live in a country where we have many choices. This is a blessing, but it can also be a source of angst as we ponder the many choices in life. Have you ever found yourself in the isle of a grocery store faced with an endless selection of items unable to make a decision? Or perhaps as a child we were given the choice of countless flavors at an ice cream parlor and we were overwhelmed by the choices. As an adult we need to make many choices that will have a substantial impact on our lives and our society. The choice of college or university we attend, the direction of our career, where we will live, are all major decision we have made or will need to make. Then there are health issues that come with a whole set of new choices. And in less than a month we will need to choose at the voting booth, a decision that will chart the course of our nation for many years. These decisions can often cause anxiety and that anxiety can create indecision. Life is a series of choices and decisions.

How do we make a good decision? Certainly knowledge is essential. We need to get as much information about the issue that is calling for a decision. The more we are informed the better we can discern. But even with all the knowledge we possess decisions can still be very difficult and still be a source of angst. This is when we must ask the question; ‘Lord what is your Will? Ultimately we will find peace when we align our wills with God in our decision. Choices in life must be discerned by reason and by prayer. It is through prayer that we appeal to God’s wisdom and there can be no greater variable in our choice. This will require humility, courage and an openness to His guidance. In a concrete way we find His guidance in the teaching of the Catholic faith. Our Church has discerned many of the issues we will need to make under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Church’s teaching will help us make, not only an informed decisions, but one that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes that guidance may go against our desires, but in the end we know that we will find peace when our decision is aligned with God’s Will. As people of faith we cannot exclude prayer in our discernment. The stakes are too high in many cases. When we have discerned well with reason, knowledge and, most importantly prayer, we then must trust that our Lord will be with us on the pathway we travel.

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