Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


We are now in week 12 of open public Sunday Masses in the Archdiocese of Hartford. Each week our numbers fluctuate a bit, but our attendance is steadily increasing. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the protocols set forth by the state and the Archdioceses of Hartford. The wearing of masks, social distancing, not being able to join in singing have changed our experience of Mass. Sitting through Mass with the mask on is not easy, but you still come and you have been so generous in your constant support. We can’t thank you enough.

I would also like to thank all our parishioners who are unable to come at this time, but join us online. Before Mass I like to peak at the screen to seen the number of people who are joining us via Facebook and to view their words of greetings. We are so glad to see so many logging on to participate in the Mass at home. We will continue to provide this option during the pandemic.

We can’t ignore the negative effects of this pandemic. Many have struggled with the isolation caused by social distancing. The elderly and those who have underlying health issues are particularly vulnerable to the effects of isolation. I ask for your help in our mission to bring Christ to our parishioners. Please contact us if you know someone who might be struggling with isolation, feel disconnected from the parish or may not have access to the online Mass. Currently we do not have Eucharistic ministers visiting the homebound, but Fr Zacharias, myself or one of our deacons, will be glad to pay a visit. A phone call or just a visit may make all the difference in the world.

Mass Schedule

Weekend Masses
Saturday Vigil, 4:00 PM;
Sunday, 8:30 & 10:30 AM
Daily Mass
Monday-Wednesday; 8:00 AM Chapel

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday, 3:00-3:30 PM

Parish Livestream

Our Parish Facebook page “Keep the Faith” will live stream Mass
from our church at 10:30 am on Sunday

Parish Livestream