Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


We can sometimes overlook the great gifts our Catholic faith provides. Among those gifts are the great models of faith and discipleship we encounter both in Scripture and in those lives that are recognized as saints. Why are these role models so important for us? They manifest the human potential in all of us.

Recognizing our potential is exciting and it can ignite a passion for living. At times in our life we can fail to recognize there is a potential lying deep within us that just needs to be tapped into. The means to open the door to our potential is found in our faith and seeking holiness. Unfortunately there exists many voices in our world that tell us holiness is not possible or it is not even desirable. But if we consider holiness as a path to finding and reaching our full potential through our relationship with Christ, then life can take on a whole new meaning and holiness is something that is greatly desired.

We can simply look to the saints who reached their potential by living a holy life. These saints are people like you and me who encounter the same challenges and temptations you and I experience. As a youth St Francis lived a life of leisure, enjoying his material possessions and spending his time at parties. Remaining in that life of dissipation would have ended in a meaningless life. Instead he found his true self and his great potential when he turned his life to Christ. He gave away all his worldly goods and let Christ fill him with grace and through that grace his life changed the world.

Mother Teresa was a person of great humility. She lived a simple austere life of prayer and work, but in her great faith she found joy in her calling, and she was passionate about showing the world that the lives of the poor, sick and dying were beautiful lives because they were loved by God. Her simple mission did not go unnoticed by the world. Realizing her powerful potential for service and self-giving literally changed the world in which she lived.

God has put within us the potential to live a great life. We just need to recognize that we possess great potential. We reach our ultimate potential through faith and the will to live a holy life. When we humble ourselves before our Lord, spend time in prayer, seeking His Will, we will recognize the potential that lies within. Finding our potential requires imagining the possibilities in life and acknowledging that through faith all things are possible. Finding our potential also requires optimism. We need the virtue of hope we find in optimism when we face the obstacles to reaching our potential. Ultimately we need Christ who will lead us to the life we are called to live.

Your life is destined for greatness. Allow our Lord to reveal your potential.

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