Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


I was in a meeting this past week and the priest I was meeting with said something very simple, but for some reason it seemed to hit me as quite profound. To paraphrase he said there is no power in this world great than our Lord Jesus Christ. Deep down I have always known this but to hear it in a time when you are faced with many challenges and uncertainties and even when we might be experiencing some fear and anxiety this truth is a great source of comfort. Fear can sometimes manifest in our lives when we feel we are alone in our struggles in life. Believing Christ is right there in the mix with us and is more powerful than any force in this world can be a great source of courage and peace. If we truly believe Christ walks with us through life then we really do not have anything to fear at all. But knowing Christ is present and that he is ultimately in control takes faith.

Peter experienced that moment of faith when he sees Jesus walking toward them in the boat. In a moment of complete abandonment to faith Peter heeds the call of Jesus to get out of the boast and come to him on the water. Peter finds himself so focused on Christ that he is drawn to our Lord and no law of nature could prevent him. There is no fear and no doubt. Then his focused is broken by the waves and the wind. In that moment fear pours into his being and he begins to sink. Peter calls out ‘Lord save me’. Before he goes under Jesus reaches down and grabs Peter, pulls him up and says ‘why did you doubt?’ That is a question we need to ask ourselves. Why do we doubt? Why do we take our focus off Christ?

It is simple to fall into the same temptation Peter experienced. Committing ourselves to faith can be difficult because it means letting go of what we are accustomed to hold onto. Jesus comes to conquer our fears by his presence. He says over and over again, ‘do not be afraid.’ Do not be afraid to put yourself in the hands of Christ. Do not be afraid to put complete trust in our Lord. Do not be afraid of any force or evil in this world for Christ is with us and there is no power in this world greater than our Lord. Fear not, he is with you. Trust in him. When you find it difficult to hold on to faith simply say the prayer Peter said in his moment of fear, Lord, save me.’

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