Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


Last Sunday we returned to ordinary time in our liturgical calendar. I have to admit that I look forward to this season. The joy of the Easter season and the solemnities of Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi are truly wonderful celebrations in our Church but there is something about slowing down and getting back to a normal routine.  Post Easter Ordinary Time also coincides with the beginning of summer and as I get older I enjoy summer more and more.

Calling this time “ordinary’, however seems like a contradiction in terms this year. What is ordinary about our life today? A pandemic has claimed the lives of over 100,000 people and shutdown our world for weeks.  In the midst of adapting to this pandemic many families are left with worries about their jobs and about the future. And there is social change. The senseless and tragic death of George Floyd has sounded the call to root out the scourge of injustice wherever it occurs. ‘Ordinary’ does not describe the summer of 2020.

We live in a restless world where change, whether good or bad, and unforeseen challenges will always be with us. There will be some periods when life seems calm and ‘normal’ but throughout life we will all be required to constantly adapt to a new normal. 

In the midst of a constantly changing world we need a stable foundation.  Without stability our lives can become very fragile. We can be swept away by the tides of strife or the winds of change. But if we have a stable foundation we can withstand the storms in life and adapt to the  ebb and flow of the tides

Stability can be found in strong family ties, and in long held friendships, but even these foundations can be shaken at times.  We need a solid unmoving base that we can return to again and again. Our foundation is faith. Faith in an unchanging God whose message is constant.  The message stays the same no matter what happens in our world or in our personal lives.  The message is love – that we are loved and are called to Love God and love our neighbor. The message is mercy – God’s great mercy that redeemed all mankind. The message is joy – that we are destined to experience joy. The message is peace – peace in our world and peace in our hearts. The message is hope – the virtue that overcomes all despair.

Our lives may seem far from ordinary during this season of Ordinary Time, but our faith assures us that no matter what we may encounter in life Christ is that sure foundation upon which we can form a just world and a fruitful life even in the most challenging of times.

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