Messages From Fr. Anthony Smith


As I look outside today on a warm spring morning the beauty of spring is in full bloom and soon our trees will be giving us some nice cool shade.  In the midst of our current health crisis we still have reason to be thankful for the new life we see growing all around us. Of course we always have reason for thanksgiving in the season of Easter when we are reminded by the resurrection that, through faith, we are called to experience the beauty of new life in Christ.

I have yet another reason to be thankful.  Since the first weekend of suspended Masses at the parish so many of you have been incredibly supportive of our church.  Your continued support both financially and spiritually has been overwhelming.  Many of you have sent notes of appreciation and support which has been extremely encouraging in this very difficult time.  You have also shared your sorrow at the passing of our pastor Fr Hickey.  I want to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ for your continued presence at St Mary Magdalen Church. While we can’t be together physically your presence is still felt and your support helps keep the ministry of the parish going. Your patience has also been appreciated. I know there is a tremendous yearning to receive the sacraments and this time has been very distressing, but you have manifested great kindness and understanding as we navigate the safety of all.  I pray every day this pandemic will loosen its grip on our community and we can safely gather again to celebrate the Eucharist and pray together.  So my friends I say,‘Thank you’.

I am also so very grateful to our staff and clergy at our parish. The parish staff along with or deacons have made sure that all of you have an opportunity to stay connected to the church in many ways.  In the wake of the passing of Fr. Hickey and the restrictions on public Masses, our staff has worked hard to maintain that all important connection through the bulletin, letters, phone calls, Masses online, distribution of palms and food collection.  They have done all the leg work to keep, not only the business end of the parish going, but also the spiritual and social ministry as well.  Thank you!

To our school administration, faculty and staff who, from the very first week our school building was closed, have been online teaching our students and continuing the excellence in Catholic education – I say ‘thank you’.  This has been a tremendous challenge for our teachers who had to quickly adapt to a new way of teaching and they have been innovative, creative and persevering in their work.

Each year when we celebrate the Easter season we give thanks and experience the joy of the resurrection.  This Easter season has been challenging, to say the least, but one to still give great thanks to God for all the blessings manifested through you.  Thank you!

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Saturday, 3:00-3:30 PM

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