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Social Justice

As Christian people, grateful for all our blessings and inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we, the Social Justice Ministry of St. Mary Magdalen Church, strive to give back to the greater community by reaching out to the less fortunate through acts of service, education, awareness, and compassion, preserving the rights and dignity of all human life.

We invite everyone to join us as we work together to strengthen not only the ability of our parish as a whole to make a difference, but also the ability and power of each one of us to make a difference, no matter how big or how small.
Throughout the year, we sponsor programs which reach out to those who are struggling in our society. These include:

  • New Beginnings – an ecumenical, community-wide program in which we provide new back-to-school clothes for families in need in Watertown and Oakville
  • The Giving Tree – A parish Christmas giving program in which we donate gifts to four agencies/facilities which serve people in need: Carolyn’s Place, Waterbury Extended Care Facility, Pleasant View Manor, and St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Shelter.
  • Watertown Food Bank – ongoing support
  • Operation HomeFront – Sponsored by HomeFront Inc. and supported by the Archdiocese of Hartford, large number of volunteers do renovation and repair in a one day “blitz” on the house of a qualifying family who cannot afford to make necessary repairs.

We also present programs which educate and raise awareness of social justice issues in our modern world. In the past these have included a “banquet” about world hunger, a program about the poverty of Guatemala and the work of a Sister of Mercy mission in a Guatemalan village, and a presentation about homelessness and housing issues.

We welcome new ideas and willing hands to help us in our mission.

Please contact Deacon George (860) 274-9310 to learn more.


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