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Music Ministry

Mission Statement:
The Music Ministry is a vocal group dedicated to studying and singing sacred music throughout the liturgical year. Our purpose is to being the Word of God into the hearts of the congregation through joyous song, bringing them into a deeper relationship with The Holy Trinity.

What we’re all about:
Being a part of the Music Ministry here at St. Mary Magdalen Church is a wonderful way to celebrate mass every week. Under the direction of Jacqueline Cote’, the Music Ministry uses a variety of hymns and choral anthems from traditional and contemporary genres. Along with the importance of the words we sing, we also focus on vocal technique, blending, diction, and 4 part harmonies. We work closely with other ministries to maintain a unified perspective of the liturgy each and every week.

Meeting Schedule:
From September – Pentecost, the choir meets at 9:30 on Sunday mornings in the choir loft for rehearsals. We then sing at the 10:30 mass. Along with the weekend masses, we sing for other Holy Days of Obligation, especially Christmas Eve/Day, and the Easter Triduum. We also have our annual Lessons and Carols choir concert every December that we prepare for starting in September.

Becoming a member:
If you are interested in joining the choir, you must have a love and passion for music, the ability to sing with relative pitch, and a commitment to sing and rehearse every Sunday morning during the year. Reading music is not mandatory although helpful. Due to a high interest of people wanting to join the choir and the limited number of spots, we can only take a small number of members on an audition basis.

Music Ministry Members:

Jacqueline Cote – Director and Cantor
Michael Sherbo and Paul Tine – Organists

Rich Browner, Angela Dubauskas, Cindy Daddonna, Marilyn Dillon, Jim Gambardella, Sandra Kennedy, Christine Lee, Brian LeClerc, Patti LeClerc, Steven LeClerc, Alexis Levesque, Mary Ann Mancini, Claire Michaud, Adrianna Perugini, Sue Ponton


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