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Liturgy Committee

Mission Statement
Each week, our parish family gathers to remember Our Lord's life of love, to know him in the breaking of the bread, and to be nourished at his table. The Liturgy Committee sets the table. We continually seek to enhance our worship atmosphere so that together we move closer to Isaiah's joyful "feast of rich food and choice wines."

Our Goals

  • Develop within our community a "real-life" perspective of the Mass, the Scriptures, and seasonal themes using meaningful settings in the sanctuary and in the parish life alcove.
  • Celebrate the sacramental milestones of our lives, particularly Baptism and Marriage.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the liturgical ministries of music, reader, ministers of communion, and altar server.

Some Specific Activities

  • To highlight seasonal, liturgical themes, we design and place settings in the sanctuary and in the parish life alcove, including Thanksgiving, Advent/Christmas, Lent, and Easter.
  • To commemorate the sacrament of Baptism, we host a Mass and reception during the Easter Season to celebrate the parish baptisms of the previous year once again.
  • To honor the sacrament of Marriage, we organize a special mass and reception in October to recognize couples celebrating milestone wedding anniversary.
  • To more nearly express the “Hope and Joy, Grief and Anguish” of people of our parish, we write the intercessions for the Prayer of the Faithful for most Sunday Masses.
  • In keeping with our ministry to serve the Liturgy, we present evenings of reflection for our parish liturgical ministers.

Meeting Schedule
The Committee meets on Wednesday evenings, several times per year as determined by the liturgical seasons and other specific celebrations of our community. Our "in-church work sessions" are on Friday mornings usually.

Who can join the Liturgy Committee?
You can! If you enjoy a heavenly meal, please come help us set the table.
Contact Rose Gursky at 860-274-3174 or the parish office during normal hours.


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