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Catholic Women Ministry

All women of the parish are invited to become members of the Catholic Women Ministry. Membership dues are $5.00 per year, and the season runs from September through the following June. Meetings are usually held on the second Monday evening of the month, (excluding January & inclement weather) in the Rectory Meeting Room. 145 Buckingham Street Oakville. St. Mary Magdalen CWM has been serving this parish community since 1952.

From the beginning, the Ministry has addressed the needs of the times, they are the “helping hands in the parish”. From baking and hosting coffee hour, Confirmation Reception, SMMS Annual Carnival, Annual Christmas Bazaar, suppling a lunch for the volunteers on HomeFront Day, to donating funds to REACH (parish youth group) scholarship and SMMS Achievement Award to Watertown Social Services and St. Vincent De Paul Mission.

At monthly meetings we have fun, some just social and meals shared. We have had programs with a spiritual theme, we have had speakers from our local community; come in on safety, and self-defense, a florist, and outreach services on aging.

A simple dessert and coffee are served by the hostesses at each meeting. Meetings begin with an opening prayer and closing prayers.


145 Buckingham Street
Oakville, Connecticut 06779
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