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Class Cancellation

Once we come to colder and more unpredictable weather in the late fall, winter, and early spring, our classes may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

The rule is that if local schools cancel classes due to bad weather conditions and on the same day you have a Faith Formation class, our Faith Formation class is also cancelled no matter how the weather conditions may or may not change.

Our office will do two things to confirm the Faith Formation class cancellation:
- One, send out a bulk email communicating the class cancellation
- Two, send a message via myParish

For this reason, please make sure that that you have myParish downloaded on your phone. Just text the word APP to number 55321 to get a link to download the app.

Classes will not be rescheduled. Instead, please spend time on any homework that needs to be completed for the following class/due date or any catch up work you may need to do.


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